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Problem Edit

We have clients with more than one contact in them enterprises.

All clients of a same enterprise want to see the tickets.

Solution Edit

  • Create a custom field (user account) with the list of mail to add to the ticket as Requestor. (Do it for all client).
Login as root :
Configuration -> Custom Field -> new Custom Field

Name : othermail
Description : the list of another e-mail user of the same enterprise
Type : Enter Multiple Value
Applies to : Users
Validation :
Enable : x
Link value to :
include page :

  • On Ticket Creation : auto add the list of e-mails as Requestor
Login as root :
Configuration -> Global -> Scrips -> new Scrip
Description : AddOwnerForEntreprises
Condition : On Create
Action : User Defined
Template : Global Template : Blank
Stage : TransactionCreate

Custom conditions :
  Return 1;

Custom action preparation code:
  # Get Current Ticket
  my $T_Obj = $self->TicketObj;
  my $Email_Rq = $T_Obj->RequestorAddresses;

  # Set objet for User and Other
  my $U_Obj = RT::User->new($RT::SystemUser);
  my $O_Obj = RT::User->new($RT::SystemUser);


  my $cf_name="othermail";
  my $others=$U_Obj->FirstCustomFieldValue($cf_name);

  #if the field contiens lot of mails (separated by ",")
  $others =~ s/\n//g; #(remove \n)
  my @other_list=split(/,/,$others);

  #param request-field to add Other
  my $Rq_Obj = $T_Obj->Requestors;
  my $other_id;
  my $other_mail;
  foreach $other_mail (@other_list)
    # get the user via email address
    # get Id
    $other_id = $O_Obj->Id;
    # Add user
 return 1;

Custom action cleanup code:
  return 1;

Example Edit

user1 (, user2 ( and user3 ( are in the same entreprise

on the CF "othermail" of user1,


on the CF "othermail" of user2 :,


on the CF "othermail" of user3 :,

when user1 create a ticket, user2 and user3 can view the ticket

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