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This is a variation on AutoSetOwner, it auto-sets the owner of a ticket only if the person doing the correspondence is in the AdminCc watchers:

# Condition: On correspond
 # Action: User Defined
 # Template: blank
 ## based on
 ## And testcode ~ line 576 of (rt3.4.2)
 my $Actor = $self->TransactionObj->Creator;
 my $Queue = $self->TicketObj->QueueObj;
 # if actor is RT_SystemUser then get out of here
 return 1 if $Actor == $RT::SystemUser->id;
 # get out unless ticket owner is nobody
 return 1 unless $self->TicketObj->Owner == $RT::Nobody->id;
 # get out unless $Actor is not part of AdminCc watchers
 return 1 unless $Queue->IsWatcher(Type => 'AdminCc', PrincipalId => $Actor);
 # do the actual 'status update'
 my ($status, $msg) = $self->TicketObj->SetOwner( $Actor );
 unless( $status ) {
  $RT::Logger->warning( "can't set ticket owner to $Actor: $msg" );
  return undef;
 return 1;

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