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This page describes how to do various tasks. These are mainly articles that were written by the RT community.

If you haven't installed RT then you should read InstallationGuides. You may also want to see the wiki pages FAQ and UserManual

Configuration Edit

  • SiteConfig - All about configuring RT using file.

Email Interface Edit

This section is about MTAs and handling of incoming and transferring outgoing emails. See also section about scrips below to get ideas how to configure notifications and its content.

EmailInterface - all things about handling emails in one place

Web User Interface Edit

Service tasks and RT system maintenance Edit

See also EmailInterface and configuration section above

RT for Bug tracking Edit

Scrips Edit

Everything related to Scrips, ScripActions, ScripConditions and Templates. See also "Customization & Internals" below.

Migrate Edit

RT database Edit

Customization & Internals Edit

Other Edit

  • AccentBug - How to work around UTF/accent bug if using Perl < 5.8.3
  • CliBasics - A basic example on writing a CLI program to add tickets with custom fields.
  • CompilingPerl

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