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Nota Bene Edit

The Best Practical website now contains a list of standard and known-maintained extensions at If you know of a maintained extension that doesn't show up there, send mail to webmaster at

Introduction Edit

Here is a list of RT extensions packaged and available from CPAN or other places.

Most of these extensions are prepared with Module::Install::RTx module, which allows you to package extension easily and quickly. People who would like to package their extensions should read the module's documentation.

Help maintain this page Edit

Please sort and refactor this list; RT::Extension is a verbose but lexigraphically equivalent form of RTx. Also note, that links to a particular version of a module on search.cpan may rot when later versions are released, used a perldoc query instead.

List Edit

Asset Tracker Edit

Branded Queues Edit

Integrated into RT 3.8, read UPGRADING and etc/upgrade/3.8-branded-queues-extension.

RT 3.2-3.6: This extension allows sites to "Brand" individual queues with distinct tokens in the Subject headers of outgoing email messages.

RT::Extension::BrandedQueues by JesseVincent

Command by email Edit

RT::Extension::CommandByMail allows you to change metadata of ticket via email:

Export search results as XLS Edit

This RT Extension allow users to download search results in Microsoft Excel binary format. This typically fix encoding problems for non-ascii chars with the standard TSV export included in RT. Extension root

External Authentication Edit

RT::Authen::ExternalAuth by MikePeachey

Allows authentication from any LDAP or DBI-supported data source. Also allows the use of a browser cookie to implement Single Sign-On with other web code using a DBI authentication backend.

For RT-3.8.x

For RT-3.6.x (unsupported)

Extract Custom Field Values Edit

Allows to extract CF values from email headers or body.

Mandatory Fields Edit

This RT Extension enforces users to fill standard fields defined in RT site configuration file when creating a ticket via the web interface. RT::Extension::MandatoryFields

Mandatory requestor Edit

This RT Extension enforces users to fill the requestor when creating a ticket via the web interface. Extension root

Mandatory subject Edit

This RT Extension enforces users to fill the subject when creating a ticket via the web interface. Extension root

Notify users/groups Edit

Part of RT 3.8

Helps setup and manage scrip actions that allow you to notify particular groups of users.

See also EmailGroup

QuickCalls Edit

Quickly create tickets in specific queues with default values RT::Extension::QuickCalls by JesseVincent

Reference i-doit Objects Edit

This extension gives you the opportunity to combine an issue tracker like RT with an IT documentation tool / CMDB like i-doit. It uses i-doit's API to relate a ticket with one or more CIs / objects managed by i-doit. On i-doit's side you are able to view all tickets related to an object. This extension also supports i-doit's multi-mandator functionality.


Rights Matrix Edit

RSS Feeds Edit

Add arbitrary RSS feeds to your dashboards


Service Level Agreements (SLA) Edit

This RT Extension enables the specification and usage of SLA's (Service Level Agreements).

RT::Extension::SLA by RuslanZakirov

Shredder Edit

RTx::Shredder by RuslanZakirov

  • Version 0.01_01 is the latest that supports RT-3.0.x
  • RT 3.2.x is unsupported
  • Versions >= 0.02 works with RT 3.4.x and greater, 3.4.1 requires patching
  • Included in 3.8.x

Stall Future Ticket Edit

This RT Extension allows to automatically stall created tickets with a start time in the future. RT::Extension::StallFutureTicket

Toggle SuperUser right on/off with a link Edit

This RT Extension allow users with SuperUser right to quickly enable/disable this right with a simple link at the top of each page. This way, they can work like standard users for day to day usage and enable SuperUser right only when needed. Extension root

User details Edit

This RT Extension allows to quickly display watchers personal details on a ticket. Extension root

Watched queues Edit

This RT Extension allow to display the list of queues the user is watcher, in the user configuration tab. Extension root

Workflow Builder Edit

This RT Extension is useful for creating Approvals and Workflows.

RTx::WorkflowBuilder by Chia-liang Kao

Other Edit

  • RT::BugTracker - Adds a UI designed for bug-tracking for developers to RT
  • RTx::Calendar - This extension for RT 3.6+ adds a calendar page, a calendar portlet and iCal feeds of all your tasks and reminers with due date.
  • RTx::DDMU - drop down menu user interface for RT (RT 3.5 or later)
  • RTx::EmailCompletion - This extension uses javascript to add ajax completion on almost all email input field.
  • RTx::From - Makes it a bit easier to find users and their tickets.
  • RT::Extension::MenubarSearches - This simple extension for RT 3.x (Tested on 3.4 and newer) adds a dropdown of a user's queues into RT's menubar. Using a tiny bit of javascript, selecting one of these queues will automatically jump to a search showing new, open and stalled tickets in that queue.
  • RTx::Tags - Provides functionality to ManualSimpleSearch custom fields, and a tag cloud (via HTML::TagCloud) of values in the CF Tags.
  • RT::Extension::Timeline - This extension for RT 3.6 uses Timeline to visualize RT tickets.
    • Works in 3.8 with a tweak to /path/to/rt/share/html/Callbacks/Timeline/Ticket/Elements/Tabs/Default to change the tab index from 'j' to something else e.g; 't'. Otherwise, the Bulk Update tab is clobbered.
  • RTx-WebCronTool - web interface for the built-in "rt-crontool" utility, allowing scheduled processes to be launched remotely.
  • RT-Extension-FastGroupRights - is a replacement for core GroupRights Pages with a faster Solution which not loads all available groups with their rights. It will only load the System Groups, Roles and User Defined Groups with already granted rights. Additional it offers a search Field to search for Groups to grant them rights. This is based on an Idea and Code from MIT (Stephen Turner)
addon for RT 3.6.x

Writing your own extensions Edit

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