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RT is an open source issue tracking and workflow platform. This wiki site is a free resource for RT users. RT doesn't come with a formal formatted users or administrators guide, but it's likely most of what you need to know to use and run it is contained somewhere within this wiki, so look around a little, be patient... and try not to install RT on a Sunday night when you need to run it in production on Monday: it's big, and learning how to set it up can take some time.

Please: UpdateTheWiki, post your hints, tricks, tips and tools about how to get the most out of RT. If you currently use RT, please head over to RTUsers and add yourself and your organization to the user list.


Production Releases

Other Announcements from Best Practical.

(Note: the newest versions of RTFM and RTIR require a fairly new version of RT as well, if not the absolute newest; be careful which versions you're using.)


You can go through these pretty much in order if you're starting from scratch, but please plan to spend some quality time with the UserManual before you try to go live; RT is big and hairy, and you probably can't get your head around all of it in one sitting.

Common problems

Wish lists

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