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ProcmailRecipes Edit

Here are a few useful procmail recipes you can use in your RT configuration.

#Remove mail from
 * ? formail -x"From" -x"From:" -x"Reply-To:" -x"Errors-To:"\
    | egrep -i ""
 #Change the from header to a real RT user
 :0 fhw
 * ? formail -x"From" -x"From:" -x"Reply-To:" -x"Errors-To:" | egrep -i ""
 |formail -I "From:"
 #Add the big tag in front of the subject
 :0 fhw
 * ^Subject:\/.*
 | formail -I "Subject: {* -BIG- *} $MATCH"

Recipe Requests Edit

-Redirect or bounce an email message via procmail. (our exchange users do not have permissions to re-direct via outlook)

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